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Survival Courses Overview

Survival Day Course

A full day of adventure and learnings. You will cook your own food and make your own temporary shelters.  Our expert veteran instructors take you through various activities essential for survivng in wilderness or a forest. At the end of the day you experience a new high having gone through the hardships and learning new skills essential for survival in the wild.

Survival 24

These is a full day and night course for the participants. While you learn survival skills in day time, night is devoted to night trek,navigation by stars, safety and security from wild animals at night and much more. You also end your day with camp fire, sharing experiences and making new friends. You can choose to stay between a self made shelter or tent provided by us.

Survival 48

The 48 hourse is designed for comprehensive knowledge on survival skills. Apart from basic survival skills of food, fire, water and shelter, you will gain an indepth knowledge on knots and lashings,crossing obstacles,wading waters, making bridges,rafts and much more. You will also be exposed to the knowledge on tracking and hunting skills.

Survival 72

This course is designed for serious explores and those who want to have an indepth knowledge on camping and survival skills. These three days of survivng in wilderness will hone your skills on most aspects of outdoor survival. You will continue to learn new survival techniques and get opportunity to practice them under the guidance of our expert ex army specialists. This will also increase your endurance and make you strong in handling challenges and situations. You will experience a new high in your confidence levels after the course.

Survival All Women

All women courses are tailormade to suit the needs of modern women. The aspects of women safety are emphasized in addition to wilderness survivial.Some tips on street survival and self defence are included too. So if you or your friends are looking to learn some  cool survival techniques in wilderness and other life skills, this course is for you.

Survival Young Minds

Nothing can beat the curiosity of the child and the ingenuity when subjected to the right environment. What is needed from us is putting them through activities which will trigger their young minds and make them more sharper and smarter. In the lap of mother nature they will truly discover new things and new skills with lots of fun and enjoyment. They would love to make their own shelter in small teams , find directions, navigate and cook their own food. They will learn about local flora and fauna too. All this as part of the survival module which energises them and boost their individual confidence levels immensely.

Survival Family Course

Family bonding is not the same today as we become more enslaved to the modern day technological comforts. Even the children today prefer to use social media to communicate and lack basic life skills. A day in the wild with your loved ones and friends will surely change that equation. The activities we put you through will help know more about each other and aslo discover their hidden potential. All in the serene natural environment. You will be doing lot of activites to gether and individually from making fire to making shelters. You will navigate together and also cook together, in a way that sometimes takes you to pre historic times.

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