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The Wild Survival Academy is an initiative of Veteran Army Officers who have years of experience in survivng hostile conditions of Deserts, Mountains, High Altitude, Forests ,at times in the face of the enemy. These veterans have instructed the soldiers and commandos in various survival skills.  You are in safe hands.  All your instructors are from Army and have years of experience in real life survival situations in different types of terrain and hostile conditions. The tips and practical experience they share is immensely valuable to those who are not yet initiated into the wild.  The Army veterans have served as Instructors to the Army Commondos, NSG and other prestegious assignments in India and abroad.

Have you ever been in a survival situation? The difference between surviving and not surviving is preparedness. We at The Wild Survival Academy give you the life skills that are essential to survive in any situation. Whether you actually face a survival situation or not, these wilderness survival skills make you a winner for life. you learn primitive skills witch you have not been exposed to in era of technological advancement. Our instructors have time and again been through these life challenging situations. What they teach is based out of their practical experience to arm you with a knowledge to tackle toughest of the situation you may ever face in your job. Quite simply they let you discover your inner strengths and hidden potential. 


 Any activity or skill that you learn and which adds to your chances of survival in a given situation can be simply called survival skill. When we take you to the wilderness devoid of material comfort and resources , when we teach you how to create resources and survive, your confidence rises to a new dimension . You become more innovative,resourceful and develop a new perspective on life. 

Join us for our specialised courses now. We have limited participants for every batch. Know more about these courses here

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