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Outdoorsy Odyssey

At The Wild Survival Academy, we believe that learning should be an adventure. That’s why we created Outdoorsy Odyssey, an experiential learning journey for children. Our program combines outdoor activities with expert mentorship to help children explore and interact with nature while learning key survival skills. Through this journey, children become more confident and learn to take risks while having fun and making memories.

Meet The Team

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Manoj Chettri

An avid adventurer, Manoj is a Para Gliding Instructor and taken part in many international competitions. His work for the local rural youth and upskilling them on life skills is commendable. He is closely working with the Sikkim Tourism. As a facilitator for The Wild Survival Academy, he takes care of the programs in the NE region. His local knowledge of the culture, geography , flora and fauna has helped many young children to broaden their horizon and learn from diversity.



Yashu has been instrumental in conducting sessions for the School Children in the Hyderabad Region. She coordinates various aspects of the training programs with Head of Schools. While on site she is seen mingling with children as one of them. She teaches them Life Skills related to child learning psychology and many other Outdoor Skills as part of The Wild Survival Academy exclusive programs. She also manages Outdoorsy-The Nature School and its activities as part of the Wild Survival Academy.


YT Reddy

An ex NSG Commando has been working with The Wild Survival Academy for more than two years. Soft at heart, he has a great aptitude for teaching life skills to the Young Minds. As a Safety Instructor, he ensures the Safety and Security of the children while in the outdoors. He is adept in First Aid and handling emergencies. He also trains students special techniques in Bushcraft and Survival Skills apart from taking care of the logistic requirement at the Outdoor Programs.

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Meet Varsha, a fearless female outdoor educator and adventure expert with years of experience in trekking and survival workshops. Varsha has always had a passion for exploring the great outdoors, her expertise and enthusiasm have made her a sought-after figure in the outdoor education industry. She's a fierce advocate for outdoor education, and with unique programs of The Wild Survival Academy,  has inspired many to push beyond their limits and discover their true potential.


Mouna KL

An IT professional, Mouna is a Naturalist and Adventurer from Bangalore. Mauna has been a Trek Leader for many difficult treks and her group is always appreciative of her leadership qualities. She has a great knowledge of the local flora and fauna of the southern region and can easily identify medicinal and edible plants. She facilitates conduct of the School Children Program in Bangalore Region. Also qualified on WAFA.

Apply Today

If you would like to be a part of this amazing journey then please send us your resume. We are looking at interns/Volunteers/full time positions depending on your skills


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