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The Art of Training in Intangibles

Human Resources are your most valuable assets and one of the key factors in the success and growth of your business.

Spare a moment and reflect on the questions below:

Are my employees motivated? Are their basic needs adequately met in my organization? Do they accept new challenges? Do they have the capacity to think out of the box and find solutions to everyday problems? Do they have tolerance for ambiguity? Are they good team players? Can they lead by example? Do they have critical decision-making skills? Do they have an appetite for risk and growth? Are they innovative in their work? Do they have the leadership skills and ready to climb up the ladder?

To have a good talent strategy optimized with organizational strategy is to ensure an organization’s success through increased productivity and reduced costs. To create a competitive advantage,  innovate, and stay ahead of the competition by creating an unmatched value.

The way an organization manages its intangibles like speed, shorter learning curve, accountability, customer delight, leadership, or overall efficiency will determine the organization's growth in the long run.

If you want your workforce to be innovative, motivated, and mission-oriented, trust them to our Outbound and Inbound programs, all of which are conducted by Military Leaders who have decades of experience in the art of training in intangibles leading soldiers to victory. Make yours a winning organization today.

Our Methodology

We do it differently. Your employees are your best investment and for us, it is not just a day outing with fun and games.  We interact with your management to arrive at deliverables. Your teams will be subjected to teamwork and innovative thinking in certain tasks related to wilderness survival. People today are used to material comforts and rely on modern-day technological advancements. The survival instincts present in every individual stimulate a person's mind to do lateral things and achieve the given objective in the most interesting and challenging way. At the same time, they learn skills and techniques, develop new perspectives and new ways of thinking.  They are constantly mentored and guided at every step. A brief report on every individual may be given to the organization if so desired. Not only you get a well bonded and motivated team, but you also get a team destressed and ready for challenges. These programs raise individual self-esteem adding to organizational effectiveness and many more intangibles.

Your Trainers

Your trainers are veteran officers of the Armed Forces with decades of experience in leading men in warlike and peace situations. They understand how to synergize individual aspirations with the organizational goals. They motivate, train and teach in a way that is lasting and benefits any organization in the long run.  Essentially facilitating individuals to discover their own hidden potential in a natural and challenging environment. 

These officers have served the nation in the special forces and are real leaders of men. Their practical experience in dealing with situations and people will undoubtedly take your team to a new level of motivation and team spirit.

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