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Survival 72

Survival 72

Congratulations ! If you have decided to spend 72 hours in the wild you are definitely an adventure soul.This is a 72 hour day and night course for you. The course will be conducted by expert veterans from the Army who will mentor you at every step during the course. Your safety is of paramount importance and it is expected that you adhere to the instructions given by our mentors.

Three days of wild existence will challenge your wits and build up a strong foundation for your future adventures in life. You will learn living off the land. You will learn basic skills to create basic necessities for your life in the first day. Primarily you will be taught skills to make fire,food and shelter. You will be taught how to make and use knife and some skills with ropes. This includes knowledge on knots and lashing.Once done you relax under your own self made shelter after enjoying sumptuos survival meals. You are then exposed to various methods to navigate in in the wild, finding directions and techniques to move in the forests. Evening is devoted to spot situations and clearing your doubts about survival in the wilderness, You also learn tracking skills and take part in team games designed to give you practice in wilderness survival. You will learn navigation by stars at night followed by a night trek to test you wits in the absence of light. 

Night poses different challenges when you are in survival situation. We will condition you handle challenges effectively.

We share experiences and memories over a camp fire and hot food before retiring for the day. You get up early even before the wake up calls of bird and go foraging. You will learn wilderness survival first aid too.

You are now into second day of survival skills and we will now take you to the next level. During the day you will learn and practice skills on making tools and implements which are needed for your long term survival. You will also learn some basic hunting and tracking skills. Some more techniques in the wilderness cooking. You will also improve your shelter and cook your own food, 

The day ends with a camp fire and a trek using night navigation techniques. Next day early is devoted to survival situation reactions and interactive competetions. You will also learn self defense techniques and wilderness first aid.

Third day we take you to a different location  where you will be taught survival in water and islands. You will learn how to improvise floatation devices and practice techniques in crossing water obstacles. At night you are back to your camp to enjoy a grand camp fire and barbequed delicacies.

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What you do

  •  Arrival, Registration, refreshments

  • Briefing and preparation for the day ahead.

  • Foraging,Lighting fire techniques, Direction finding

  • Wilderness cooking techniques

  • Eat what you cooked

  • Skill with Kinves and Ropes,Improvising , Survival knots and lashings

  • Refreshments with lessons on shelters

  • Making your shelters

  • Setting up alarms,safety methods for night stay in the wild

  • Campfire and dinner

  • How to move at night

  • Finding directions and navigation by stars

  • Looks at shooting stars,share stories, Rest

  • Wake up and freshen up

  • Morning trek and study nature, identify plants, foraging

  • Wilderness firstaid

  • Tools and implements

  • New techniques in wilderness cooking

  • Tracking and hunting skills, making and setting up of traps and alarm

  • Break and preparation for the night

  • Night navigation 

  • Camp fire and dinner

  • Rest

  • Wake up and freshen up

  • Move to Watermanship Training Area

  • Demo and Brief on watermanship skills

  • Preparation

  • Survival fishing techniques

  • Survival techniques on floation and improvising rafts

  • Discussion and Tea

  • Finale campfire and barbeque

  • Wake up and freshen up

  • Energising exercises

  • Self defense techniques

  • Debrief and Dispersal

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