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Frequently   Asked   Questions

I have never been to a forest. Are the courses safe for me?

Safety of the participants is of paramount concern to us. Our instructors are experts in wilderness survival and handling emergency situations. The areas of training are carefully selected and we ensure complete safety of our participants.

I am not a serious trekker. How will I gain by undergoing such a course?

These courses provide interesting challenges in natural environment. You not only feel connected to nature but also learn primitive skills to survive in emergency situations. The confidence you gain will leave you recharged and ready to tackle everyday challenges in life. 

We want a corporate team building program for our employess. How can a survival course help?

When it comes to team building,there is nothing better than a survival course. Being veterans from the Army and having lead men in life and death situations along our treacherous borders we can assure you that the challenges faced during a survival situation and finding solutions collectively is the best way to bind a team.

We are are looking for outdoor recreation and adventure for our school children. Can you run survival programs for our students?

Yes, A full day survival course for students is ideal for young minds. These days city kids suffer from nature deficiency syndrome. Undergoing such course under expert guidance is highly recomended for holistic development of child. Not only they learn things what they read in books, they enjoy the thrill and adventure outdoors immensely.

Where are these courses conducted?

Our survival courses are conducted in the rugged terrain and forests around Hyderabad (Telangana). The locations are changed as per the requirement of the course. For specific courses we can also undertake terrain specific courses like Island,Mountains or deserts. For group sizes of 10 or more we can undertake these course in a suitable area closer to your place. 

I do not stay in Hyderabad. Can you arrange accomodation for outstation participants?

Yes,we can arrange accomodation closer to our training areas at discounted rates on request. Accomodation is not required when you are undergoing the course. 

We are a group of friends who want to undergo such courses. Can you help?

Yes, If you are a group we can undertake specific activities as per your needs. We keep limited participants to maximise learning. A minimum number of eight persons is expected for you you to derive maximim benefit from this course.

What is the medium of instruction?

Our courses are conducted primarily in English. However,we do have vernacular instructors to take care of any doubts that you may have.

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If you still have any query then please do not hesitate to contact us
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