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  • I have never been to outdoors, are these courses safe for me?
    This is the best gift you can give to yourself to face outdoors safely in future. You will not only learn basic outdoor skills but also master few essential techniques to survive under any circumstance.
  • Are your courses safe for women?
    Yes, the courses are safe for women and solo travellers. These are conducted by professionals ex Army and safety of participants is our first priority.
  • I am a vegetarian, can I attend these courses?
    Yes, at the basic courses you are provided with both veg and non veg meals at our camp.
  • Do I have to hunt, kill or eat animals?
    Hunting is not allowed on any of our courses and it is illegal to hunt animals. In fact our courses will help you understand animal behaviours and save them if required. Theoretically, we will educate you what to eat and avoid in survival situation.
  • Do we have to stay in a jungle?
    For the basic courses, you will either stay in a tent or a tree house. We will venture into forested areas only for practical learning. Most classes will be conducted at the camp itself.
  • What facilities can I expect at the camp?
    Our camps for the basic courses provide stay, all meals, safe drinking water and seperate toilets for boys and girls.
  • Do I get any certificate on completion of the course?
    Yes, you get a certificate of participation from The Wild Survival Academy.
  • I want to undertake solo survival,can you help?
    After completion of basic course, you will be eligible to attend solo survival which is conducted every year in Oct/Nov. It is mandatory to attend basic course of 72 h to attend solo survival.
  • My question is not listed above, can I talk to someone?
    If you have any query you may reach us on call or WhatsApp on +91-8978877301
If you still have any query then please do not hesitate to contact us
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