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The Wild Survival Academy and The Zen Den bring you a transformational retreat to heal, rediscover and reclaim your true self
DHARAMSHALA(HP) 02 - 06 Oct 2021


DHARAMSHALA(HP) 02 - 06 Oct 2021

Zen in The Wild

For a vast majority of our 300,000-year existence as modern humans, we have been nomadic hunters and gatherers, born and raised in the wild. We co-existed with other beings, lived in harmony with nature, and learned to adapt and evolve, mentally and physically, to live another day, to rise and to survive - against all odds.


‘Wild’ is who we are. ‘Wild’ is who we have always been. That is why, being in nature - whether it’s a relaxed walk by the lake, a hike through a forest, or climbing a mountain - allows us to come back to our authentic Self, our original blueprint, nourishing our senses as well as our souls with a plethora of feelings that ground us firmly in the Present.


And so, The Wild Survival Academy, in association with The Zen Den, brings you ‘Zen In The Wild’ - a one-of-a-kind transformational experience designed to help you reconnect with nature, reclaim your wildness, and rediscover your most authentic Self, while giving you the tools to purify and prepare your mind, body, and soul to rise and to survive - against all odds.

The Journey

This past year has brought all of us realizations. In our own way, each and every one of us has faced trials and tribulations - physical, mental and emotional. If there’s anything that this pandemic has made abundantly clear, it’s that life is filled with uncertainties, and can throw a curveball our way when least expected. The pandemic also made us hold up a mirror to our lives - an opportunity to look within and check in with our Selves. This past year also saw the human race face one of the biggest disconnects of all time - from each other, from other beings, and from Mother Nature herself.


And that is one of the biggest reasons we at The Wild Survival Academy and The Zen Den decided to put our heads and hearts together so we could put together this experience for you.


We bring you a unique retreat that gives you the tools to reconnect with nature as well as with your authentic Self. You will be taught to use physical tools like asanas, mental tools like dhyana, and practical survival skills to live a sustainable life without being dependent on modern and external means. You will learn to connect with your inner-self and let go of these hard-wired patterns that have led you to believe that everything you need is not within you. Drawn from the rich experience of our heritage and ancient tribal ways, it is a journey that will heal and transform you from the inside out.


We invite you to join us for this 5-day immersive transformational experience in the foothills of the Himalayas, this October 2021. Whether you choose to attend solo, or along with your tribe, this retreat guarantees the discovery of your truest Self, latent instincts and undiscovered potential.

The Experience

According to the five elements theory, everything in nature is made up of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. This is intended as an explanation of the complexity of nature and all matter by breaking it down into simpler substances. It is said that understanding the theory behind these five elements of nature can help us understand the laws of nature better, and we can tap into this knowledge and practice to achieve greater health, happiness and connection with one’s Self.


Here’s a breakdown of how we’ll be using these very elements as themes during your 5-day immersive and transformational experience with us.

Anything in nature can be traced to five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Connection with these elements will allow you to understand the laws of nature and consequently attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom, and happiness. You will be able to heighten your intuition and apply the experience to your everyday life


DAY 1- The Human Connect

On Day 1, please try and arrive at our camp by afternoon. Once you settle down at the camp, we will begin with an induction, and a detailed brief of the entire experience. In the evening we will visit the Dalai Lama Monastery at McLeodgunj and gain some insight into ancient Tibetan rituals. Back at the camp, we will relax by the campfire -  a daily ritual for us. The nights are magical, and we shall take you on a cosmic journey where you will learn to identify major constellations and zodiacs in the sky. You will also learn how to tell direction at night. The rest of the evening will be spent connecting with one another, and understanding that different individuals have different journeys in life - connection without judgement.

DAY 2 -  The Earth Connect

With the element Earth as the theme for the day, we will start our day early to embark on a mindful and spiritual journey with our yoga guru. We will learn all about the earth element, and practice different techniques that will help balance the earth element in our physical bodies. We will also be using rocks to understand that, contrary to popular belief, meditation does not necessarily mean closing your eyes and sitting still.


As the day progresses, you will learn that everything that you need, the Earth provides. You will learn basic bushcraft skills, using knives to shape wood, make cordage, knots and lashings. You will learn skills that will allow you to meet your basic needs of safety - constructing a shelter for yourself, learning how to make different types of shelters in an emergency, and how to make use of natural shelters.


Later in the evening, we have some more activities planned for you that will allow you to appreciate the Earth and all that it provides even more, before we settle down around the warmth of our campfire and call it a day.

Yoga in Nature

DAY 3 - The Air, Fire and Water Connect

We will begin our morning with a rejuvenating practice in which you will learn the basics of Pranayama and the different techniques used to purify the body with air, as well as condition the parasympathetic nervous system through breath-control. We will then move on to a beautiful and energising vinyasa flow, and end with an ecstatic dance experience that will allow us to completely tap into the sacral energy of the water (svadisthana or sacral) chakra.


As the day progresses, you will learn all about friction fires, and how to arrange and start a fire by yourself. You will also learn about water-sourcing in the wild, and the skill of purifying water for safe consumption. Other skills that you will learn include the art of primitive pottery and other camp crafts, making primitive weapons like those our forefathers used for their survival and safety like bows, arrows, boomerangs, spears, suruchin, slingshots, etc.


As we sit around the campfire at night, you will get to experience the magic of Trāṭaka, a tantric method of meditation and a form of yogic purification that will leave you with a sense of peace and stillness that few have experienced before.

DAY  4- The Space Connect

The day will start with a walk in nature where we will practice Shinrin Yoku - the Japanese art and science of Forest Bathing that is now widely used as physiological and psychological therapy for healing across the world. We will use this opportunity to understand and appreciate our space in this world, the space the people in our lives hold, the space that we must make for ourselves, and the space that we must give others in order to be free and at peace in the truest sense.


After the serenest of mornings, we will have a sumptuous breakfast by a waterfall! You may even take a dip in the cool waters before we move on to our training sessions for the day - crossing water obstacles - an exhilarating experience with an adrenaline rush! You will also learn to forage wild and medicinal plants, and back at camp you will learn skills of wilderness cooking, and cooking without the use of utensils.


After lunch, we will learn to hold space for each other and listen and learn from one another, before we head out for the evening for some sight-seeing. A visit to the local village will give us an insight into the local’s space and their culture and lifestyle.


DAY  5- Relaxed, Refreshed, Rejuvenated,Reconnected

De-stressed, detoxed, and away from the modern world, you will experience a new high in your confidence levels. Being the last day of this transformative experience, we will have a short session on how to sharpen all the skills that you have learned before we conclude camp. If you wish to head back after breakfast, you may do so. If you wish to extend your stay at the camp for a couple of days, you may do that too at minimal extra cost. We will be keeping some free time to include anything that any participant may wish to learn or do.

Yes, I feel the connect and want  to be a part of this experience

Essential payoffs from this experience

  • Reconnect with yourself. Learning primitive life skills connects you to a deeper level of existence, your original blueprint. You will be exposed to a life our ancestors lived in a hunter-gatherer society. We call it going back in time and rewiring your genes.

  • The daily mindful sessions, along with asanas and breathwork will energize your body, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul. You will learn practices that you can take back and make a part of your daily lives.​ 

  • De-stress and detoxify your mind. Conducted in the serene environs of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges of Himachal, the fresh air and fragrance of the forests will leave you with long-lasting and therapeutic benefits - like improved sleep and a strengthened immune system. Nature heals. Whenever you are in nature, you will experience an overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Develop a keen sense of observation. Not only will you learn the art of lateral thinking, you will learn to look inwards and take the time to reflect on your Self as well.

  • Survival skills are essential skills that will help you stay alive in the most precarious of situations. Whether natural or man-made, these skills will prepare you for most circumstances.

  • The confidence to survive against all odds. You will learn new skills that make you a wilderness warrior. Not only will you be able to save yourself in an emergency situation, you will also be able to help others in difficult situations.


Colonel Rajeev is an Army veteran with many years of field experience in the remotest of areas. He is a specialist Survival Trainer and is the founder of The Wild Survival Academy. With his team of experts, he imparts practical insights into Primitive Living Techniques and Survival Skills. This helps people to intuitively connect with their primal instinct as well as discover new ways of sustainable and eco-friendly living in complete harmony with nature.


He has trained many students in Life Skills that transform individuals, helping them to accomplish higher goals and accept greater challenges in life.


Wafa Haji is a Certified Yoga Life Coach and a Master Level Trainer in the practices of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation.


Born and raised in the middle Himalayas, she learned very early in life that in order to survive in any given situation, mental and emotional fortitude was just as (if not more) important than any practical skill or physical ability. She found that practicing yoga not only helped strengthen the physical body, it also helped train the nervous system to respond and react to stress differently. 


A true-blue mountain child, when Wafa isn’t teaching yoga or tending to the animals on her farm, you will most likely find her on top of a mountain or attempting to climb one.



Please fill the form here and our team will reach out to you at the earliest. You can also Call/WhatsApp us on



Your investment for this transformational immersive experience is 28500/- only. Book your slot by paying the registration fee of 5000/- The balance can be paid in three equal EMI or in one lumpsum to avail additonal 5 % discount on the ticket price.

For refund policy and cancellation rules Click Here


  • Stay in well-appointed  Tents with attached toilets and hot water on sharing basis at our Camp.

  • Pick up and drop from the airport to the camp.

  • All meals (Veg / Non veg ) for the duration of program.


  • Expenditure related to your travel to reach Dharamshala(HP).

  • Medical or Travel Insurance.

  • Any personal expenditure not mentioned specifically in the itinerary.


The retreat will be conducted at our camp close to Dharamshala(HP). It is a scenic location in the foothills of Himalayas. The venue has electricity and a good network connectivity. We will be sharing additional instructions for this retreat with the confirmed participants

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Yes, I feel the connect and want  to be a part of this experience


Please fill the form here and our team will reach out to you at the earliest

If you have even a little mastery over the 5 Elements within you, Life will happen the way you want it to.
-Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
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