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An immersive & exclusive bootcamp on essential Outdoor Survival and Primal Instincts

10-12 FEB 24- BATCH I


12-14 APR 24- BATCH II

Investment 13500/-

Survival Skills are essential techniques that a person may use in order to sustain life in any type of environment, natural or manmade. Have you ever wondered how our ancestors lived ages ago? How did they meet their basic needs of Food, Fire, Water, and Shelter? The technological advancements today have made us a slave to modern comforts, but our nature craves this experience. At “The Wild Survival Academy” we take you back in eons to have a life-transforming experience. You get trained in essential Survival Skills and subconsciously get wired to your primal instincts. The clarity on life, your vision, and the goals you experience after these 48 hours in the wild will transform you as a person to become better and more confident than ever before.

This is a day and night workshop to not just learn but also make you practice essential outdoor survival skills.

What to expect

This 48-hour workshop will teach you how to survive in the wilderness. You will learn techniques to survive in the outdoors and more specifically in the jungles. We are conducting this in a very realistic environment where you have the opportunity to observe wildlife at a close distance with safety and our expertise. You do not have to kill animals or destroy the fauna; life can be peaceful coexistence with all your needs met adequately to survive. 

The workshop will be conducted by expert Army veterans who have many years of experience in teaching survival skills. 

If you love the outdoors and would like to go deeper into the subject of primitive Living and Wilderness Survival, you may register for a 72-hour course. For more details click here.


Self-transformation and essential payoffs from this experience

  • Reconnect with yourself.

  • Destress and detoxify your mind.

  • Mindfulness and increased intuition.

  • Skills and confidence to survive against all odds.

  • Develop a keen sense of observation and lateral thinking.

  • Improved sleep and strengthening of your immune system.

  • Clarity of thoughts and vision for life.

  • Primitive living skills.

  • Connect with creations of nature and get insight into your inner self.

  • Ignite your creativity and appreciation for the marvels of nature.

Outdoor Skills Included*

     #Psychology of Survival     #Wilderness Survival     #bushcraft     #Knife Skills     # Ropes     #Knots     #Lashings #Cordage Making     #Direction finding by Day and by Night      #Making your own compass    # Survival Kit #Building bridges for obstacle crossing     # Fire     # Friction Fire     # Shelter building     # Water     # Water Sourcing and purification    # Outdoor cooking techniques     # Foraging     # What to eat and what to avoid             # Safety in wilderness        #Pottery making for own needs       # Weaving       # Art skills      #Raft     # Raft building     # Floatation techniques     #Tracking essentials     # search and Rescue      # Signalling

....and many other practical tips and techniques.







Who should do this?

This workshop is for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors. For those who understand that nature can be unforgiving and being prepared is the best insurance for survival in the wild.

To detox and rejuvenate in nature away from the hectic lifestyle with daily stressors that wean you away from being Alive. You should be 18 Years or above to undergo this experience. (Minors allowed only if accompanied by either parent)

It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, explorers, trekkers, and campers who will not only learn to survive under any eventuality but also save the lives of others when needed.

No prior experience is needed in the outdoors to attend this workshop. In fact, this could be your first and the right step to explore more of nature safely and confidently. Safe for Solo Travellers and Women

Brief Itinerary


  • 1200-1300: Arrival, Settle down

  • 1500-1700: Briefing/ Training Session 1

  • 1700-1900: Break

  • 1900- 2100: Campfire/ Dinner/Training Session 2

  • 2200 - Rest


  • 0800-1000: Training Session 3/Trek

  • 1000-1100: Practice

  • 1100-1300: Training Session 4

  • 1300-1500: Lunch and preparation

  • 1500-1700: Training Session 5

  • 1700-1800: Break

  • 1900-2200: Campfire/Dinner/Night Training session 6

  • 2200- Rest


  • 0600-0900: Additional Skills and Techniques

  • 1000-1100: Summing Up and departure

Detailed itineraries and instructions for this workshop will be shared with the confirmed participants separately.

We would keep some time free to include anything that the participant may wish to learn or do.

Where is this being conducted?

This program will be conducted at a very exclusive camp located 22km Wy from Kodaikanal town. The exact location and other details will be shared with the confirmed participants.


Stay during the program 

You will get Tree House or tents accommodation, the stay and meals cost is included in the cost of the program. The area where we are conducting has been deliberately selected to be away from towns and closer to raw nature to derive full benefits from this workshop. Do not expect luxuries but your basic needs will be adequately met in this program. 

Eco Friendly & Leave no trace policy

You are expected to follow the guidelines given in this regard at the camp.


Photography is permitted at the camp. However, during the training sessions, photography is not allowed as it distracts the fellow participants.

What to bring & detailed itinerary

The details will be given to confirmed participants

Know your facilitators

This workshop is facilitated by a team of experts who are Army veterans and have many years of experience in living a primitive way of life, a life of minimal needs, and being totally self-reliant on available local resources. They have trained commandos and practiced wilderness survival extensively. Often learning the ways of life from tribal and village folks, they now bring you experience and a journey into self-discovery. 

Here is What Our Participants Say



The investment for this workshop is INR 13.5 k per person . Call us on 8978877301 should you have any queries. You can pay 5000/- to register and reserve your seat. The balance amount is to be paid one week before the commencement of the workshop. Minors are allowed to attend this life skills program if accompanied by either parent. (9.5 k per child below 12 Years)

(Please note that we take a small group of participants for our programs and the registrations will be closed once we reach the minimum number for this program)

Refund Policy & Terms and Conditions

The registration amount is non-refundable as it blocks a seat. The balance amount can be refunded in full till one week before the workshop. Thereafter cancellation is not allowed, however, a substitute is permissible

In the eventuality of the Program not happening due to reasons beyond our control, the liability of The Wild Survival Academy is limited to the refund of the amount paid.

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Food and accommodation at our campsite.

  • Training-related cost.

  • Basic First Aid


  • Your expenses to reach the venue. You should be making your own arrangements to reach the venue. 

  • Your personal expenses  other than what is included in the program.

  • Your medicines and medical expenses, if any.

  • Travel insurance or any other personal expenses not specifically mentioned in the itinerary.

BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW through the secured Razorpay link below or Phonepe on 8978877301@ybl 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call / WhatsApp us on 8978877301

We have limited seats and registrations will close anytime on reaching the required number of participants for this one of a kind workshop


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