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25-29 SEP 23 (4N5D)

(A  Workshop on essential Outdoor Survival Skills by WIlderness Experts)

Survival Skills are essential techniques that a person may use in order to sustain life in any type of environment, natural or manmade. In this workshop, we will train you in the basic survival skills to emerge a survivor in an emergency or life-threatening situation. We teach you essential life-saving skills. This workshop will focus more on the peculiarities of the mountains and how to handle life-threatening situations. We do not kill animals or damage forests. This is a training workshop with a 'leave no trace' policy and conducted in an eco-friendly manner.     

Knowing basic survival skills will help you not only overcome extreme survival situations but make your experience outdoors more enjoyable.

Essential payoffs from this experience

  • Reconnect with yourself. Learning Primitive Life skills connects you to a deeper level of existence. You will be exposed to a life our ancestors lived in a hunter-gatherer society. Shall we call it going back in time and rewiring your genes?

  • Destress and detoxify your mind. Conducted in serene environs of Dhauladhar mountain ranges in Himachal. The fresh air and fragrance of forests have healing benefits. It improves sleep and strengthens your immune system. Nature heals. It is proven that when you are immersed in raw nature, you will experience an overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Develop a keen sense of observation and lateral thinking. You will get time to reflect on your inner self.

  • Survival Skills can be used to stay alive in an emergency situation. Whether it natural or man-made, these skills will help you stay prepared under all circumstances.

  • New confidence to survive against all odds. You will learn new skills and become a wilderness savior. Not only will you be able to save yourself in an emergency situation but also help others when needed.

Outdoor Skills Covered

     #Psychology of Survival #Wilderness Survival #bushcraft #Knife Skills # Ropes #Knots #Lashings #Cordage Making #Map reading # Navigation by Day and By Night # Stars and Constellation for direction finding #Making your own compass # Survival Kit #Building bridges for obstacle crossing # Fire # Friction Fire # Shelter building # Water # Water Sourcing and purification # Outdoor cooking techniques # Foraging # What to eat and what to avoid # Safety in wilderness #Making simple traps #Basic hunting skills #Primitive Weaponry # Floatation techniques #Tracking essentials # search and Rescue # Signalling # Self-defence Techniques # Wilderness First Aid.........and many other practical tips and techniques.

Who should do this?

Anyone who is in love with nature and adventure. To detox and rejuvenate in nature away from the hectic lifestyle with daily stressors that wean you away from being Alive. You should be 18 Years or above to undergo this experience. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, explorers, trekkers, and campers who will not only learn to survive under any eventuality but also save the lives of others when needed. 

Itinerary (Tentative)

A brief outline of how you will live this experience

Day 1: 

 Arrival, Introductions, Camp Brief & Settling down. Once you settle down at the camp, we will begin with a detailed brief about the whole experience and understanding and knowing each other. You will then go through a basic session on Survival Psychology and an introduction to Wilderness Survival. Campfires are a daily ritual and time for discussions. The nights are magical, and we shall take you on a cosmic journey where you will learn to identify major constellations and zodiacs in the sky. You will also learn how to find directions at night. If time permits, some skills-building activities of day two might be conducted as well. Should you arrive early, you can use this day to visit McLeodgunj and see the Dalai Lama Monastery.





Day 2:

We will start the day early to give you the skills to meet your basic needs of food, fire, water, and shelter. You will learn how to light a fire by friction and different types of fires for different types of usage. You will learn bushcraft skills to make your own cordage, different types of knots, and lashings. You will learn about various tools including a knife and how to make one for your needs. You will be trained in Map Reading and direction finding in mountains too.

Day 3: 

 You will learn the basic and practical techniques for planning and organizing a trek. You will go through various challenges to make you overcome the difficulties in the mountains. Safety and wilderness first aid or simply cooking without utensils in the wilderness, we will do it all. You will learn the hazards of a cold climate and how to keep yourself safe from weather extremities. You will now be guided on how to improve your living by learning the art of pottery making, sun drying, and baking your utensils and other implements. You will use them on Day for your cooking and storing food and water. You will also learn safety and Wilderness First Aid. You will learn how to make primitive weapons made by our forefathers for their survival and safety, including bow and arrows, boomerangs, spears, slingshots, etc. 



Day 4: 

This is the day of putting your skills to use. We have deliberately tried to cover most aspects in the previous two days so that on this day we can go on a trek and learn advanced techniques to cross obstacles, do fishing, learn floatation techniques, and make our own raft. Water crossing or coming down a cliff, encountering wild animals, or simply foraging for your needs, we will cover it all. If we come back early, we can visit the local villages understanding their ways of life or devote time to learn additional skills. The night around the campfire will have a sharing of stories and experiences. This interactive knowledge session is also for fun and recreation

Day 5: 

De-stressed and detoxed, away from the modern world, you will experience a new high in your confidence levels. Being the last day of this transformative experience. We have a few small sessions to sharpen your Survival Skills before we conclude. You will be free to move back after breakfast. We would keep some time free to include anything that the participant may wish to learn or do. Yes, you get a Certificate of Completion in Wilderness Survival Skills (Level 1)Course from The Wild Survival Academy.

The exact work schedule for the next day will be explained to you every day in the evenings including the preparations required. Some changes in the sequence might happen to save time and add more skills depending on the time available. This being a practical workshop and with the aim to build up your skills, we will work out the best sequence based on our experience.


It may well be appreciated that each activity will consist of many minor and smaller activities towards gradual skill-building. For example, if way say fire by friction- it would involve selection of material, construction, procedure, different methods, and then practice. The activities with a broad time frame for each will be shared with you at the camp.

Where is this being conducted?

This workshop will be conducted at our Camp in Dharamshala. The exact location and other details will be mailed to confirmed participants. It is recommended that you keep 2-3 days spare to explore the scenic tourist attractions in nearby places like Dharmshala, Baijnath, McLeodganj, etc. Generally, the weather is clear and pleasant during the period of the program. However, nights will be cold but room heaters in your Stay keep you cozy and comfortable. Pine tree forests and scenic Dhauladhar mountain ranges will be a party to our training areas.

Stay during the program

You will get shared tents( Swiss Tents with adequate amenities) accommodation, the stay, and meal cost is included in the cost of the program. The area where we are conducting has been deliberately selected to be away from towns and closer to raw nature to derive full benefits from this workshop. Do not expect luxuries but your basic needs will be adequately met in this program.

Know your facilitators

This workshop is facilitated by a team of experts who are Army veterans and have undergone real-life survival situations.  They have trained commandos and practiced wilderness survival extensively. Often learning the ways of life from tribal and village folks, they now bring you experience and knowledge to ensure no lives are lost due to a lack of basic survival skills.

Certificate of Participation

Will be awarded by The Wild Survival Academy.

Your Investment

Your investment for this immersive and transformative experience is 24.5 K pp . Register by paying 5 k and the balance amount can be paid latest by 01 Mar 23. Contact us for an easy EMI option. 10 % off for registrations done till May 31st. (Pay 22k only)

Need More Information?

We are just a call away. Call or WhatsApp us on +91-8978877301 or send us a mail on

(Please note that we take a small group of participants for our programs and the registrations will be closed once we reach the required number for this program)

Refund Policy & Terms and Conditions

  • As given on this website.

  • Please note that in the event of the workshop not happening due to reasons beyond our control, the organizers' liability is limited to a refund of the amount paid.

  • The registration amount is non-refundable but can be adjusted against any other future workshop. For participants not selected, the registration amount will be refunded within 7 days

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Food and accommodation at our campsite.

  • Training cost.

  • Transportation during the program as per schedule.

  • Basic First Aid.


  • Your expenses to reach the venue.

  • Your personal expenses other than what is included in the program.

  • Your medicines and medical expenses, if any.

  • Para Gliding or any other adventure activity that you may wish to undertake.

  • Local transportation for sightseeing if desired.

  • Travel insurance or any other personal expenses not specifically mentioned in the itinerary.

Modern research has proven that when you absorb the raw energies of nature and spend time with plants, it leads to a better you in many different ways. Here are some of the intangible payoffs from workshops

  • Your immunity levels rise and the stress levels are reduced dramatically.

  • You will experience a connection with your inner self and heal.

  • You will experience a better sleep pattern and detox from the digital world.

  • You will learn essential and practical outdoor skills that can be applied in everyday life and also when you are out on a trek or exploring outdoors. 

What Our Participants Say

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Yes, I want to be a Part of this experience

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Payment of ₹ 5000/- towards registration can be made through the secured Razorpay  gateway below

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